Never Forget

We will never forget the day our world changed.  I worked for a boating company in Seabrook, TX, MarineMax.  I had just left one location and was getting ready to head back to my office, my sister had not been feeling well over the weekend and I called to see how she was feeling.  Phil answered the phone and said he was watching the news as a plane had just hit a building in NY – at that time he thought it might’ve been a commuter plane, while we were chatting the 2nd plane attacked and I knew, as did the rest of the world, America was a target.  I hung up the phone, called my husband who had not heard yet.  Then headed to my office, a co-worker and I headed to my house to pick up a tv to be able to watch the news.  Some co-workers headed home, some stayed it was their choice.  I did not want to go home to an empty house so I stayed and we tried to make sense of a senseless act.

I watch our news today and we have too many senseless acts, they are not as dramatic as the attacks in NY on 9/11/2001 but they all add up to a great loss of life.  Horrible acts of violence are happening everyday all around the world and too often in our own cities and neighborhoods.   I do not know the answers but I feel the great sadness!

This is a Facebook post from 2011, a mom of young boys wanted to be sure they would always remember the day our world changed.  Maybe if we teach our children compassion and teach them the value of hard work and the great feeling of helping others the world will change……

How will your children remember 9/11 – We Remember

In 2010 I was contacted by someone to see if I could quilt 3 quilts for her.  She lives over 50 miles away but she wanted to come show me the quilts and talk to me about them.  We had a consultation and I gave her my ideas for quilting them and a quote to quilt all 3.  She took them back home to piece the backings together and decide on some quilting options I have given her.  The 3 quilts are almost identical, 1 is for her, and 1 each for her 2 sons, 11 and 14.  She brought the quilts back to me and I put them in the schedule for January.

These quilts were quite large 102×102 and like I said very similar.  I knew once I started quilting them I would be challenged to keep working on them because I enjoy variety!  I quilted the boys quilts back to back but had to wait to get more batting for mom’s quilt.  During this time she called to ask if I could quilt the boys names into their quilts.  I explained that these quilts were completed, but I offered to create machine embroidered labels for her quilts.

She sent me an email with correct spelling and the information she wanted on the quilts.

In Memory of 9/11/2001

Made for XXXXXX


Love, Mom

And then these quilts took on new meaning for me.  Her sons were very very young on that day in our history and she wanted them to always remember and this was her way to honor that horrific event in our history.  I was touched to be part of her gift to her sons.

Here are the pictures