Oh My Gosh!

I have not posted for a several days – there is a funny reason for that.  This is POST #100 and I was thinking it should be special……

So I may just jump around on this post and let you reflect on what is special to you……

With this electronic age and social network we are made aware of happiness in our friends lives, but we are also aware of their struggles

A young family who is told their toddler has leukemia, we live in different states now and without social media I would not have known.  While this breaks my heart in many pieces for my dear friend and her family I am so grateful that I can occasionally send a note of encouragement or in my private moments shed a tear for their young family.

News of a horrific traffic accident reminds you that while you may have moved on to a different pasture in your life, you still have planted many roots along the way and I watch as my former sister-in-law (my son’s aunt) watches her son recuperate as the sole survivor of a wreck that claimed 6 other lives.  While I cannot be next to her to hold her hand, I am able to now and then send notes of encouragement to her and her family.

Every day is special and hopefully we see much more happiness than we do sadness, take those great moments of sadness to reflect on your many blessings – because if you are reading this – then you did wake up this morning! And that my friends is a blessing.

As a quilter I am often tasked to help complete a project that will mark life events, such as weddings, births and often in memory of events.  There is a quilt that is designed by my friend, Sue Garman.  It is titled “Oh My Gosh” and it is an amazing quilt.  The quilt got its name because as she worked on it during a guild quilt retreat each person that would stop by our table would remark “Oh My Gosh”.  If my memory does not fail – this retreat was after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and it just seemed to me that because of Sue’s close ties to the space industry and her love of quilting this quilt was her journey through the grieving process.   Another friend made her Oh My Gosh quilt as she grieved the loss of her daughter who left this world way to early.

So when I am asked to quilt one of these beautiful quilts, I not only am in awe of the incredible amount of work that goes into these quilts, I am also reminded of these special moments when we were able to share another’s grief, maybe help them carry their burden for a few moments.  This beautiful quilt was made by Delores as part of a block swap with friends.

994 - 9 Patch Units - finished size 1 1/2"
994 – 9 Patch Units – finished size 1 1/2″
63 - 4" feathered wreaths with rosette centers
63 – 4″ feathered wreaths with rosette centers
Feathers in the border
Feathers in the border
Close-up of the feathered wreath
Close-up of the feathered wreath

Make today special for someone!



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    1. Ronda your comment made me realize that I had not made it clear that I did not piece this quilt. This beautiful quilt belongs to Delores, who is a member of the Baytown Area Quilt Guild so you will probably get to see it in person! (I have edited my post as well)

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