Dreams – that you didn’t realize you had!

Note: I have not created a blog in a really long time so hopefully this will all work….

So today a fellow shop owner shared this sentiment and it really hit home! Yes I have seen this many times over the years, but this year, 2020, more than any other has caused me to reflect on what really is my dream! It is being a quilt shop owner! Sharing my quilting knowledge with all of you and being an inspiration as best I can!

So a little back story! 1995 my friend Holly and I did a lot of crafts. We decided to sign up for a quilt class. The class was to be held at the original Thimbles & Threads in Draper, UT. It was a tiny little location with a screen door that went “whack” when it closed. Everyone was so nice and inspiring and I just knew I wanted to be a quilter! My husband ventured to this shop with me at some point and made a random comment about one day I would own a quilt shop! Seed is planted but I did not realize it at the time.

Fast forward to 2015, yes 20 years later! We have moved to Luling and are blessed beyond belief! He is chauffeuring me to one of my teaching gigs – where I will show pretty quilts I have made and hopefully inspire a few quilters to try something new! He asks if I have thought about opening a quilt shop! Well in my mind that seed that was planted 20 years prior is now a TREE! and I have permission! I start looking at properties in our town and a local quilter, who is also a building owner has just completed renovation of an old building on the main drag of town – and it is beautiful! This was our home for just over 2 years and then our wonderful building owner made it possible for us to move to one of her other locations and we now have an amazing location and a huge classroom. In June when we could finally invite quilters back to sew and we heard the giggling and visiting that occurs in a quilt classroom we knew we were back! 2020 you have been a tough one – but we are going to survive!

Thank you to each and everyone of you that follow us on Facebook, Instagram, our website and our store! We are here for you and we are grateful you are part of our dream!

Dee and the crew at HDQ – including Corey, Lindz, Liz and Michelle!

2 thoughts on “Dreams – that you didn’t realize you had!

  1. What a ride it’s been! I am very glad you made it! I wish you success in keeping your Blog going, too!

  2. Love your shop so much, Denise! It’s worth the drive EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! Thank you for all of your help and your beautiful quilting!

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